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My diary about fight against Demons

novi kalendarFrom the calendar of contact with Demons, you can see in 2012 that I was left in peace-not disturbed by the Demons for practically almost 6 months. From mid-May to November, if you ignore the three days of contact in June and August, especially because I wanted to see them, that's why they are marked in green. Green means I wanted to and red means I did not-I did not wish to see them. However, when the Demons saw that I intended to begin preparing the creation of an Internet site to disclose the


They were upset and so that the real truth would not be revealed, they pounced on me again in November. Only this time Dear God is protecting me as you can see mostly green in November, which means I wanted to see them BECAUSE I'M NOT AFRAID OF THEM, quite the opposite, I mess with them because it's very easy to stop contact with them!             IN FACT, NOW THE DEMONS ARE SCARED OF ME BECAUSE THEY DISCOVERED MY INTENTION TO OPEN A SITE AND WARN OTHERS ABOUT THIS TERRIBLE DEMONIC DECEPTION.

Their harassment of me only gives me even greater reason to open the site as quickly as possible!
TODAY is 05/11/2012.

I am working intensively to create the Internet site on which I wish to reveal the danger of Sungazing and that the Demons already know that here in the earthly life I'm thwarting them, and they know that another hugely motivated soldier is entering the ranks of Saint Basil of Ostrog. They know and see this. Sometimes they managed to cause an effect as if ants are biting me, but only very small and weakly. You can read about the ant biting effects and other demonic methods of harassment in detail in my other diaries in PDF format. Furthermore, a month ago (05/10/2012) they broke 12 tiles on the roof of my house and knocked out of place many more.


dva krova

My older son and I were in the house when this happened. They did this because I messed with them with this weapon of Saint Basil of Ostrog as I called it. This is what the cold weapon with which Saint Basil of Ostrog destroys Devils looks like. I saw it when I was at Ostrog Monastery to pray to Saint Basil of Ostrog to save me from the Demons, the Devil. That's when I saw how to fight to save my soul and how theOruzije-Svetog-Vasilija-Ostroskog





 I know that God is on my side and that He is protecting me. I feel it, so I'm not afraid of them and I even mess with them. Priests told me to ignore them, but I can't.         I have to mess with them, they can't do anything to me, I can stop contact with them at any moment, unlike before,      



That's why they smashed the tiles in the middle of the day! F**k the Devil! By doing this, they are trying to scare me and prevent me from creating the Internet site.


I'm also seeing images that are very faint and short-lasting, both during the day and at night. I'm not noting them down but I would like to say something about them. In these short visions, they show me Internet pages and even though I try to read what they say, unfortunately I fail, because they are so short. The link between us is totally weak, thank the Dear Lord.
I know that they surely say something threatening and because of that, in any case, I gave them the middle finger in reply. That is after all their type of speech, because they did this to me first while I was still unaware that I was contacting Demons.
They have increased their attack on me in the last month, which can be seen in the Demon contact calendar, to prevent me from publishing the truth about the deception called Sungazing on the Internet, but their struggle is in vain.


Today is 10/11/2012 and I'm still working on creating my website the registered address of which is:

http://www.opasnostgledanjausunce-sungazing.com – NOTE: THIS ADDRESS NO LONGER VALID
The Demons see what I intend to do and continue showing to show me something. They are certainly threatening me, but I can't see or read it. So, in any case, I give them the middle finger and sometimes with both hands so they can see it better!
Yesterday I did something else unrelated to the Internet website. They saw this and later during the night sent a short video scene teasing and mocking me about what I'd done.
Of course, I replied by giving them the middle finger – it's not nice, but I just had to!

11/11/2012 The Demons somehow understand that I'm not afraid of them because I know that the Lord God has placed me under his protection. So this morning they showed me a video message, a wolf with blood dripping from its mouth and the inscription THE WOLF'S PLAN. This time I managed to read their message! I immediately got up and replied to this message with images and the title:

THE BEAR'S PLAN or better yet BEAR'S IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PLAN.           God, I'm big, so I look like a bear.

 Medo i vukovi engleski

15/11/2013 I was working intensively on preparing materials for the website, so I ended up going to bed at one in the morning , and at two they're already waking me up. Like their first wakening, I could have set the clock because it's always at two.

As is customary, they threaten me and show me an arm or a hand that clenches into a fist and then they hit that fist into the palm of the other hand. Meaning they want to crush me! I then gave the middle finger and fell asleep. They wake me up again at five and show my head tossing back and someone grabbing my throat, choking me. I then uncover and show them "that" place, the only place that I can tighten, because I'm thinnest there. They then show an image of me and I'm sucking someone off. After that, I gave them the middle finger with one hand, I didn't want to take the other from out under the cover, and I fall asleep.

16/11/2012 They wake me again but I am too tired and not interested in their boring threats so I don't look at what they show me and I fall asleep. I am awoken for a second time by the Demons at 5.30. They send me something and I want to see it but I can't see the image because its very dark. They later send me a heart and in it there is an image of my wife. As is customary, I reply in their "STYLE" – a middle finger.

17/11/2012 I experienced a new form of abuse by the Demons today. I wear a little gold chain with a pendant of Jesus Christ around my neck that I bought and got blessed in the holiest place in the world, the stone of anointing in Jerusalem. And the Devil in an unfamiliar way made the chain on my neck have a constant tingling effect, like when you get a tiny shock from static electricity. I put up with this all-day tingling-itching and did not want to take of the chain on purpose.

18/11/2012 Last night I suffered the longest abuse ever from the Demons, practically all night. They showed me various images which I was able to get rid of easily. But as soon as I had gotten rid of one image, they'd send me another, and this went on all night. The images and scenes were terrible and threatening but also entirely out of the ordinary. I will describe one.

I see several strange animals very similar to small kittens but with unusually beautiful and cuddly heads and very large eyes. They are amazingly cuddly and a woman and two small children are playing with and stroking them? I also stopped this scene because I know it's only the Devil's bait because after it there would be a terrible scene or an attempt to hypnotise me, as they have done previously. And again I have to swear f**k them.

22/11/2012 Today, at around 10am, the crazy Demons show me my wife who is facing me so I would "recognise" her, and then she turnsUntitled towards a Demon, hugs him and kisses him. I laughed and gave them the middle finger with both hands several times.
The demonic face looked very ugly, similar to this one that I found on the Internet. Is it more ugly or stupid? Who knows?

26/11/2012 This morning they wake me at 4.30am and since they've seen that the intimidation and deception no longer has any effect on me, all they have left is to tease me, so that's what they do. They show me an image which I can't see good, so they change it to something else, and tease me. I hope the Lord God saw this and that he will not allow them to do to me what they showed me. When I got up, I prayed to the Lord God to prevent them from doing it! And I continue to mess with them, I show them the Internet site on the computer that is 90% complete, and that's their reaction?

28/11/2013 This morning, I saw a handsome male person, they have always been ugly characters or freaks, he points with his index finger to his head-brain and then brings in his fingers on the same hand. He wants to say that they have taken my mind. More exactly, they're acting on my feelings and thoughts. Like how way back at the beginning they gave me the feeling of having "a clear head - peace of mind" when I stared at the Sun, now, for the last two weeks, there has been the opposite effect, the effect of excessive "worry and fretfulness", that I hit a cat with my car and this is always on my mind. I cannot free myself from this scene, as if it were the biggest problem in the world? To reduce this unpleasant effect I play with my own cat and this helps a little. Nevertheless, in the end, I pointed to the computer several times with my middle finger several times in a row, so he knows that I'm preparing the website about the Sungazing deception. Later I prayed to God to help me get rid of this "torrent of constant and nonsensical thought." This is similar to the effect of foul thoughts (I proved the action of the effect of foul thoughts by polygraph test) and the Dear Lord heard my prayer. I feel much better now and don't have this torrent. Thank you God!!!

29/11/2012 This afternoon the Demon showed me a person kicking a ball, wanting to say that they will kick me out. I laughed and showed them the computer, alluding that the site about their terrible deception is almost finished! So I will kick him and his huge deception called Sungazing-Staring at the Sun out!!!


18/12/2012 The last few days and nights I had short moments of contact but they are irrelevant so I'm not recording them. However, last night there was a much stronger attack on me that reminded me of some kind of divination and witchcraft. For example, they said something into their palm and then blew into the palm towards me. And then little specks flew towards me like dust. But as soon as this dust took off it began to melt and disappear.

They also rolled something, making a ball, set it on fire and threw it at me. And like the last time, that lit ball began to decompile in mid flight and disappeared.
Or they aimed something like a spear at me and some kind of concentric circles flew out of the spear. And they also melted in flight. It was interesting, so I watched them. I wasn't scared at all because I see that the Lord God and the Angels are watching over me and so I just observe their attacks on me. I felt like a fish in an aquarium with thick glass, safe and protected, and there are bloodthirsty cats all around me. No feat at all!
24/12/2012 This morning, the devils showed me a large white cross and then they broke the horizontal arms. In response, I showed them my middle finger several times!!!
27/12/2012 This afternoon, the Demon wrote something but was unable to read it all. Only one word – Sungazing. After this, I see the computer screen and the demonic picture on it. I laughed and pointed in the direction of my computer with my middle finger several times in a row. He showed some other things but the connection was weak, so I didn't see. Thank God!
28/12/2012 Yesterday I changed the site name. The site is now called:
" Staring at the Sun Sungazing a decoy and deception" http://gledanjeusuncesangejzingmamaciprevara.com

This alarmed the Demons – horned beasts even more so they woke me up very early this morning. For the first time they began attacking me in a group! I first saw them standing in a line one next to the other, five or six of them, with very ugly and grotesque faces, and then, as if on command, in harmony, they each rose an arm and pointed it at me. Then little concentric circles flew out of their hands towards me. And as before, these circles "melted" in flight and disappeared. The second attack was a "joint" attack by three of them. In harmony, they raised their hands pointing with their index fingers, with the one in the middle holding out his hand and finger straight ahead, and the left and right ones move their index fingers towards the middle one. So now there are three index fingers one after the other. Then from their joined index fingers, "via joined forces", large concentric circles fly out. And again, of course, we have the same story of these large rings flying towards me and then melting and disappearing in flight. God and the Angels are watching over me. I thank them!!! After their performance and unsuccessful attack I lift up one finger (I want to say I am alone) and then with my fingers I "draw" a rectangle in the air, like it is my computer screen and I pretend to type on a keyboard with my fingers and then I give them the middle finger with both hand several times and laugh!!!

I wanted to say that even though they attacked me in a group they couldn't do anything to me. And I, with God's help, will destroy their demonic deception called Sungazing using the Internet!!! THE LORD GOD SHALL PROVIDE!!! Amen!!!

08/01/2013 The first attack of the new year 2013.
Last night a Demon attacked me again by aiming his hand at me and clenching his first and holding it vertically. Then, like some strong suction, energy enters his fist through the opening between the clenched fingers on the upper side and he moves towards me. And when he comes close, like always up to now, his fist begins to decompile-dissolve and disappears. After this, for the umpteenth time, the next attack is comes! This time they are huge concentric circles. They are so big that I don't see them as they come towards me. These enormous circles do not fly like they have done up to now, they move closer to me undulating. And get this, when these huge circles approach me, they melt and disappear having been destroyed by the Angels who are watching over me, but unfortunately I never see them. Except for one time when I was at Ostrog Monastery. I thank them immensely for protecting me from the demonic attacks!!!
Today the Demons appear to me again. They point to computer screen and write something on it. The image lasts a long time but it's so dark that I was unable to read what they have written In fact, I can only read one word written in Cyrillic ZORANE, but I can't read the rest. I tell me to repeat it, and those assholes repeat it several times but it's still too dark so I can't read it!

09/01/2013 Last night the Demons tried another method of getting in contact with me. They haven't used this method for almost two years. I don't know when exactly, and I can't be bothered to check the diary, and it's not important. Since the previous method had almost no effect they try this method which I call the "lit lamp method" to contact me but even this no longer works "I'M SO SAD FOR THEM". They can go to Mikan in Novi Sad in Serbia; he'll welcome them with open arms.

11/01/2013 Another attack by the Demons, which I have now gotten used to. This time they show me a dog that looks most like a bulldog, and he eats everything he sees. And that glutton is running towards me. Of course, I'm not afraid and like always as he gets closer to me he simply melts! They wake me later and try to show me a larger text of 20 or so words. But I can't read any of it. They change the font, size, space between letter and words but I still don't see it. They tried one word at a time, but again, nothing. And in the end, they began writing letter by letter. But then I see a letter, I can make it out, but not enough to make a word. After this, just for the hell of it, I give them the middle finger several times to say goodbye!!!

15/01/2013 I was at my  friend's house yesterday. She was ill so I went to visit her. That evening, on returning home, I lay down and the Demons woke me the next morning, a little after two, showing me her ill leg and making fun of it. So they are following me wherever I go like before! That's why I now greet them with their greeting – a middle finger. I was so angry that they were making fun of her ill leg that I told them I would put up another site about Sungazing in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE because of their foul act. So I'd always remember the foul act they did, I marked the date in blue on the upper calendar of CONTACT WITH DEMONS. Later, after four, they wake me up again and threaten me because of my decision by showing me them setting fire to my car and the car explodes in this fire. I then show them that I will set their tails on fire. Then I tell them that their tails will burn like a fuse and they will explode like dynamite. In response to my message, they send me a short text but unfortunately I am unable to read it. I know that this is one of their silly threats and I respond with a middle finger several times. And this morning, as soon as I woke up, I began preparing a site about Sungazing in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE!!! Uaaa you horned beast!!! May you drop dead!!!

17/01/2013 They attacked me again last night, but without success, as always. I don't know how they don't get bored from the lack of success. The only effect they have on me is waking me up and nothing more! This time they show me a hand with the fingers intertwined and it's as if something flies out from those fingers towards me. I cannot make out what it is and what it looks like, and it dissolves in flight towards me. Then they show me a hand but with seven or eight fingers? The hand interlocks all the fingers and again something flies out towards me but then the Angels who are watching over me place something like rain in front of me and the thing that's flying simply stops in that rainy "watery" curtain that protects me from the demonic attack. I lazily raise my arm from under the cover and give them the middle finger after their boring, silly attack, turn to the other side and fall asleep.
05/03/2013 The horned beats had not annoyed me for a while until last night. From last night's harassment it's again evident that they are constantly following me but that they can't do anything, thank God. I've had problems with my left hand the last few days. It's difficult to move the fingers so yesterday I went to the doctor's. Those horned beasts saw this, so last night they showed me them cutting my left arm below the elbow with a chainsaw and they placed hearts in a circle around the severed hand. They want to say that they love that they took my left hand. Let me say that the spiritual world speaks with symbols a lot, in fact, that is how they communicate. With their demonstration of a severed hand, they are trying for the umpteenth time to frighten me, but this no longer works, and this is just some sort of mockery of my current illness. This morning I prayed to God to help me with my recovery. And things became immediately better after the prayer because I managed to drink this morning's white coffee after the prayer with my left, ill hand. And only a day earlier at the doctor's I hadn't been able to hold the piece of paper for the test at all. So the taken hand had returned to normal after the prayer! Thank you the Lord God!!!

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